This cpu is not supported by this mode please check cpu qvl on asus

kindly help me solve this
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More about this supported mode check asus
  1. name and model of cpu and motherboard and what mode it is not supported
  2. amd phenom ii x955 3.2ghz,ASUS M4A78LT-M LE mother board
  3. this cpu is not supported because it is a 125 watts one see this these are the cpu for your board with a max of 95 watts
  4. thanks i got t logic of it... but it zz working fine fr last 2 yrs its showing only frm last month....wats t solution..?
  5. or can i reduce my cpu voltage....
  6. what where the change you made when it stop working did you overclock ,you could try to lower voltage or the multiplier.maybe someone have another solution
  7. k thanks
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