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GTX 570 SLi vs GTX 590

I've seen a few posts on this, but no definitive answers. I will be using these cards for a 3 monitor set up @ 7680x1440

Should I get 2x EVGA 2.5Gb GTX 570 SLi or 1x 3Gb EVGA Classified GTX 590?
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    Comparing BFBC2 with those two configurations, it looks like the 590 gives you an edge...

    But Crysis Warhead shows the 2 570s with slightly better performance:

    Either setup would be great. Ultimately you'd generate less heat overall with the 590 and use less power than with two 570s. The 590 would give you less noise as well.
  2. Yeah and 1x 590 is cheaper. Thanks man!
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