M465-G Gateway Corupted BIOS

I have a gateway m465-g that appears to have a corupted bios, it is stuck in a reboot loop, when f10 is pushed to bring up boot options, it will give the bios information pause then reboot, it does not respond to f2 (bios setup)
current bios reported is phoenix 71.12 Most recent one, The coruption occored while a unexpected reboot took place during winflash update.
Does anyone have any ideas how to restore it?
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  1. To get into BIOS you sometimes need to repeatedly tap F2 or DEL while the laptop is booting... usually as soon as the display appears.

    If all else fails, try removing the CMOS battery and then press the ON button for about 5 seconds. That should reset the BIOS to default settings.

    If that fails to work, the BIOS may be (as you suggest) totally corrupted. I'm not familiar with that laptop to know if it has a socketd BIOS chip or not. If not, you may be out of luck due to the age of the laptop.
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