P5Q Motherboard Chipset Troubleshooting

I have a Asus P5Q Motherboard and am experiencing many installation and corruption problems. It seems my chipset could be affecting my programs as well as my OS. I have ruled out:
Hard drives, RAM, CPU, Bios etc.
When i install any OS, it seems to corrupt the installation files- this is the same on all of my Hard drives that are new.
Furthermore, Copying and pasting files to and from devices, installing windows files, and downloading or extracting always seems to corrupt or result in errors. Sometimes the OS is corrupted at certain parts like in windows 7, themes are blanked out as if Explorer was corrupted.

Is there any way i can fix the chipset on the motherboard or fix the problem. Any Suggestions or Ideas...

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  1. Could be PSU (Power Supply Unit) is bad? You didn't mention that.

    A PSU's voltage control eventually messes up or you've added too many peripherals draining your PSU.

    I had something similar happen. Weird errors, problems... It was a mystery.

    One time, replaced PSU and all problems went away. It was a cheap PSU that came with the case.

    Another time, I loaded the PSU with too much peripherals, nothing worked right.
  2. Sounds like a memory or PSU problem to me.
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