Can put any memory in a mobo?

Just curious. Can i put any memory in a motherboard or do you HAVE to go off of whats in your mobo's compatibility list. Rookie question i know so be nice.
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  1. You don't have to go with any list supplied by the motherboard maker, that just means that particular model RAM was tested and worked. For the most part, if your motherboard has DDR3 memory banks, then any DDR3 RAM will work.
  2. The compatibility list is what the MB manufacturer has tested, and verified that it will work. This doesn't mean that there isn't other memory out there that will work. memory makers also do their own testing on motherboard compatibility, so check with them as well. You may be able to get an answer if you tell us the MB, and specific memory, and see if others have used it and had any problems.
  3. Oh ok thats good. Im building a workstationg tower for 3d rendering and wanted at least 16 gigs of ram to start off and was looking at g.skill ripjaws for overclock ability. As for the mobo i was looking at an asROCK pro4 or extreme4. Still not sure. But i got some conflicting info here and there and wanted to double check this whole thing so im not so fracking confused.
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