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i was going to get the asus p8z77-v lk but i just wanted to see if their were any other that would be better, im going to be doing sli eventually and its my first computer that im building so i dont want any problems (bad bios, faulty usb, etc.) i was also looking at the gigabyte ud3h but it has a lot of reviews saying it has bad usb ports. the asrock extreme 4 is like 160-170 bucks here in canada so dont recommend that one. im buying from ncix if that makes any difference. and i incase its not completely obvious the socket that i need is lga 1155
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  1. When buying the new parts for your build there is no guarentee that you on't get a bad part or defective piece , it can happe to anybody and no matter how much research you do.
    For the most part the defective parts are few and far between, it's just that people are more inclined to write feedback about a bad experience then they are about a good one. You can tell by the number of models of a certian part that are sold and the number of feedbacks that are left. You know that someone will leave bad feeback if they have a defective part so you can count the number of not left as positive and see the difference.
    The board you are thinking of getting is a good choice and the only better ones are more expensive.
  2. so the asus v lk would be the better out of the two, i will be overclocking so which would be better for that?
  3. The Asus board.
  4. Z77 Motherboard This is a great motherboard for the price. I reviewed a Biostar TZ77B that was the best motherboard.
  5. You can't do SLI with that Biostar board as it does not support it and besides it only has one Pci-e slot that is x16 and the OP wants to have SLI at some point.
    Before recomending a motherboard you should at least read the post and see what the requirements are that the OP needs in a motherboard.
    A 6 phase power design is not very good for overclocking and out of 78 reviews 50% gave 5 stars on Newegg.
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