Weird GPU-Z reading when using Surroundview

So I turned on surround view on my 890gx (IGP = 4290) so I could run three monitors. Ive got two running on a 6850 and one on the 4290.

(I would of just run all three from the 6850 but two of them are analog only.)

So after turning on surround view and getting all three monitors up and running, I tried to open Sapphire Trixx (which i use to control fan speed and overclocking on my 6850) and it went all wonky with some weird errors, which I assume were from having the 6850 and the 4290 running at once.

I opened up GPU-Z and got the following reading for the 4290.

The settings for the 4290 should be 700MHz for the gpu clock and 667MHz for the memory clock.

Im assuming that GPU-Z is just reporting the clocks wrong and I just wanted to make sure that its not really set that high.

Also, since I cant use trixxs, any suggestions on what program i should use to control the fan speed of my 6850 which will work while I have surroundview enabled?

-Thanks in Advance
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  1. Try MSI afterburner.
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