Gtx 560 ti power supply

I'm gonna to buy a Gigabyte GA P67A UD4- B3 motherboard with SLI bridged - nVidia GTX 560 Ti x2 VGA's.

Can anyone known plez tell what are the most suitable "Corsair power supplies" for me?
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  1. A 650w Corsair will be fine.
  2. Thanks monkey.......

    But it'll be nice if you tell the specific model number too.
    Coz, I dont want ma MOBO or VGA or anything else to blow off, after doin all these customizing.

    However, thanks again bro/siz!

    Ta ta!
  3. K, Bro?


    And....The Wattage won't affect the MOBO, no?

    by the way, nice SLI PICTURE!
  4. No, the wattage won't affect the motherboard in a bad way.
  5. Thank youuuuu!!!!
  6. +1 to the corsair 650W
  7. Thank u too...
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