Will Micro atx support sapphire 7850

So this may be a dumb question but after looking at the pictures of this ASRock H61 micro atx: , im wondering if a sapphire radeon 7850 will even fit properly on the mobo with 2 4gb ripjaws right there next to it. Im in the process of building a budget pc and after looking at the pictures of this small mobo im second guessing myself. Anybody know for sure if this big graphic card will fit without running into the gskills or wiring? Thanks and i apologize for the noob question
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    If you look at the measurements of the Micro AX boards you'll notice that when compared to the regular ATX boards the width of the boards are the same it's the length that is different and the Micro boards are shorter since two or three of the pci-e slots have been removed that's what makes it shorter. So regular full size video cards will fit and not hit anything.
  2. problem solved. thanks buddy
  3. Your welcome.
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