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Exploding Capacitors on GS 7600 EVGA

I've had two cards fail from caps on the pc board poping like firecrackers. Whats going on and why? can this happen with other cards ?

My rig; A8N SLI Deluxe, 3 Gig ram, X64 4400 cpu, Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT. 650 PSU.
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  1. I have my answer. After researching this problem it all boils down to a faulty electrlytic cap electrolyte formula that was used for industrial espionage about 10 yrs ago in the Taiwan area. Seems most computer faults can be traced to this problem and problems continue to crop up EVERYWHERE in the world to this day!
  2. you are absolutely correct. You generally dont find this problem on higher end products like ASUS and Gigabythe though. Only the cheapies like sapphire.
  3. The 7600 is a pretty old card, what years were products manufactured with these defective caps?
  4. ^read this You still see these capacitors to this date, mostly in cheap PSU's and motherboards. It has to be said that there are other causes for exploding caps. like if the circuit is poorly designed and there is excess current/ripple/voltage/heat going through the capacitor. Also if your power supply is poop and putting out of spec voltage to the motherboard, the caps wont likely last as long.
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    There was a problem with faulty capacitors being supplied to many manufactures a few years ago which continues to be a problem even to this day. One of the biggest contributing factors as to how long the capacitors last for is their ambient operating temperature. If you are having a recurring problem with faulty capacitors I would suggest that you look at the air flow over the graphics card. I don’t think that the power supply is to blame here as the capacitors on the motherboard have not failed.
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