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Verizon fios installed my wireless g router and modem in my garage back in 2006. The signal has to go through concrete walls, which lowers signal strength. I want to upgrade to wireless N and hook it inside house. Can I hook an Ethernet switch to the modem in the garage and connect hard wired computers to that and hook wireless N to open hardware jack inside house? Thoughts/ideas/help welcomed and needed.
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  1. Yes, you can connect a switch to the modem, but it wouldn't really serve a purpose, as you'd still need to run Cat5 cables from the switch to the systems/consoles you want to connect to the network.

    Upgrading to wireless N would improve signal strength/quality, but the interferences that affect G,B, and A will still affect N. What is the "open hardware jack" you refer to?

    Consider this scenario if you have cable TV:

    Find a coaxial jack on the wall where the coaxial cable connects to the TV/cable box/receiver/etc. Install a splitter (which can be purchased at Radio Shack, or similar stores) in such a way that the coaxial cable goes from the jack on the wall to the "In" jack on the splitter. Now connect a coaxial cable from one of the "Out" jacks on the splitter to the cable modem; and to the TV/cable box/receiver/etc from a different "Out" jack on the splitter.

    Now, connect the Wireless N router to the cable modem. Next, connect a computer directly to the router via Cat 5 cable, so that you can access the routers web interface. If you wish to forego the wireless security setup, then you can skip connecting the computer via Cat 5. If you do want to create a secure wireless network, follow the instructions that accompany the wireless router.
  2. Can you have two wireless routers (one G and one N) in your home? One upstairs and one downstairs?
  3. Yes, you can, but each router has to be connected to a modem. Routers cannot work independently of a network. Modems allow for one connection, typically. The router allows you to create more connections to the network. The limit of connections to a router is 255, this is due to the physical addressing limitations.

    There are some modem/router combos in a single device, like the Motorola SURFboard SBG900. This may be an alternative to consider.
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