If price was not an issue: which of the below would you advise?

If price was not an issue... which of the SODIMM's below would you advise for?
(Please DO note that the links are top of the list google search results of the given brand. I am sure that more suitable prices may be out there. It is for now the SODIMM's that are to my concern than the price)

I have narrowed a rather "Educating (Thank you internet community!)" search down to three that I would like to share with you... But shall your more knowledgeable experience advise me for another path to take: please don't hold back.
Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 SODIMM
Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 SODIMM

For a little more information I am researching alternatives to a Eurocom Panther 4.0 that I am pre-ordering (I believe it is a Clevo 270WM), which is estimated to be out around November (For in case the date is relevant to await a better option to be out. But I DO have to budget possible costs). Its processor shall be a XEON E5-2690 (2.90GHz-3.80GHz; 8C/16T; 20MB L3; 8GT/s; LGA2011; 32nm;135W), Graphic card a Quadro kepler K5000 (4GB GDDR5 ECC; 1344 CUDA; N14E-Q5; PhysX; OpenGL 4.0; DX11; MXM 3.0b;100W; w/ 3D Quad Buffering). And I plan on using Windows proffessional or Linux as an OS.

I shall be using this machine as a "portable workstation" not as a gaming rig. I need it for scientific calculations, 3D simulations and video editing of the later. So-thus I am in demand of both a strong graphics card as well as as much RAM as I can afford to fall back on.

Once again: the cost is not exactly the issue here. But I would prefer the money spent wisely.
I so hope the above information would be enough for you to be capable of guidance. I have a heart for the Kingston due to brand name only. But I have been told too often about the advantages Samsung's so called energy savers tend to provide (Hence reason they are added in list in spite much lower CAS latency.

Thank you SO much for patiently reading through my post... and for all your help forehand.
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  1. I guess mine fell into the area of "It is something you should investigate yourself and decide on your own...". Due to theoretical speeds/delays are not all too effective on the performance.
    But I do need to address the bottle necks as best I can though.

    Sadly I have still not managed to make a hands down decision... But due to all I have heard and experienced with Kensington... I guess I best keep it.

    Thank you any ways
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