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Since installing Windows 7 and installing the latest drivers, I can no longer get sound from the AUX input on the X-Fi Gamer card I'm using. It worked for years with XP. I need that working so I can use it with my Roland Sound Canvas module for MIDI music. The mixer shows Aux as not muted and the level is up so I don't know what is going on.
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  1. Have you tried using compatability mode ?
  2. alchemy update from the site. might be able to get support from windows update... not sure though......... it's been long enough.
  3. These are the 64 bit drivers so I'm not sure what may happen trying to use compatibility mode that way.
  4. did you get the alchemy driver ?
  5. Alchemy came with the latest driver package so I didn't feel that applying it separately would do any better. In any case, this appears to be a main driver issue since all other aspects of the card's operation are just fine, 3D sound and all. I simply lost the AUX input, even though its slider is there and is unmuted. Now I have no place to feed my MIDI sound from my Sound Canvas module back through the system. I don't know what other Creative cards I can buy locally, but I still have no way of knowing if they too might suffer the same effect of losing an input or whatever, not to mention that the 3 plug setup (from Creative) will still work with one of those other cards. (Titanium, Fatal1ty, or whatever)
  6. Well common sense would say go and look at there website and find out, you made it here you can make it there.
  7. Great News! I got the little, inexpensive female RCA jacks to stereo mini adapter, plugged it into the "Flexijack" on the card and Presto! Instant sound from my Sound Canvas. More good luck meaning that the MIDI sequencer software I chose (Sonar 8 Producer Edition) installed and worked without a hitch with my M-Audio USB to MIDI adapter I got the other night. Now I'm back in business with all working as before with my old XP setup. The old USB connector for the Sound Canvas is now a part of yet another no-longer-needed cable. Just thought all who read this would like to know all is well with no messing around. Smooth as glass install all around.
    Thanks again for your help suggestions.

    Phil B
  8. thanks for the result.
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