P5Q - Motherboard corrupt?

I have a p5q mobo and i am experiencing different problems of which i think the mobo is the culprite. Im not entirely sure of what the Problem is but things such as:

Downloading and extracting files
Installing OS on hdd,s gets corrupt
Installing windows updates
Copying and pasting files from one device to the pc
Desktop background deletes it self
Windows Explorer crashes

I dont know what the underlining problem is but to my understanding doesnt these things relate to the north or southbridge chipset? Because devices are configured through one of the bridges?
Therefre could it be a north or south bridge problem? When information is passed through the chipset making installations and drivers corrupt?

Has any please got any ideas as two what this could be or how to sort the problem?
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  1. It sounds more like an HDD or RAM problem to me - those examples all involve writing and reading to the hdd. Try another HDD.
  2. Hi thanks for your message, i have tried 3 hdd and they were all healthy. When i tried installing the windows 7 pro, it kept corrupting the installation even with different hard drives and cd's.
    Im pretty sure its not hdd problem.
    However for the ram im not entirely sure how to test or diagnose them.
    I have 2 ddr2 ram 1gb each running dual channel.

    Are you sure its not one of the north/southbridge problems that are likely to cause these errors?
  3. you want to run memtest on the ram if it passes you want to take one dimm out if it still happens swap the dimms or see if someone has a few spares you can use.
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