Lower graphics = lower GPU usage = lower FPS

Have at it. 1000W PSU nvidia 580 GTX newest drivers have tested out older drivers and beta drivers with the same experience. i7 920 4.0 GHZ temperatures are all low nothing above 60C in both GPU and CPU. Asus rampage iii extreme corsair dominator ddr3 2000 12GB.

Main question. Possible to have high GPU usage at low settings? Would increase FPS so much. Higher settings = more gpu usage = higher fps than lowest settings. Any solutions or ideas.
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  1. the lower the resolution more cpu bound the game(anything below 1280x1024 ) will be but won't really reduce the load or temps of gpu
    as you go on reducing the resolution from say 1920x1080 the number of pixels reduces and more frames can be generated per second means more fps so no reduction in load on gpu as its creating more frames
    and when you go to very low resolution say 800x600 then the game will be very much cpu bound so this will depend on how powerful your cpu will be
  2. I am getting higher FPS with my alias on x32 with a x16 filtering and x8 supersample transparency VS with all those off. The resolution stays the same I do not change it at all. You should NOT get lower FPS on lower graphic settings. My GPU usage is 80-90% when max settings and 20-30% on low settings causing lower FPS. Wish there was a way to force it up
  3. That is a bit strange. What is your native resolution? and to what lower resolution you set that game to run, also is it just one game that is having this problem or all?
  4. Native resolution 1920x1080 and I play all my games on 1920x1080. It is an issue with anygame Lower graphic settings = lower GPU usage = less FPS than on higher settings = high GPU usage = higher FPS than lower settings.
  5. Problem was as ridiculous as this seems my i7 running at 4.0 ghz was almost maxed out..... causing my video card to dip DPS. I am running a creative x-fi titanium and the drivers alone for Dolby Digital Live! use up to 20% of my CPU.... sound card for gamers my ass
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