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New Card for SX2800-01 (Slim Case)

Hello. I have a Gateway sx2800-01 (

I have an Open PCI-E x16 slot that I want to get a video card for.

I've been looking around on newegg for something around say $50 - $75. I'd be buying it within the next month or so.

I'm getting the card to get ready to run SWTOR on medium-ish settings hopefully.

I'm worried that due to the cases "slim" design I would accidentally get a card that wouldn't fit. I have no idea how to tell which cards I might run into this problem with, or if it's even a problem at all.

If theres any advice you guys could give me it would be much appreciated.
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    Radeon 5570 is pretty much your best bet.

    Sapphire Radeon 5570 $59.99 ( $49.99 after MIR )
    or possibly fanless
    HIS Radeon 5570 $59.99 ( $49.99 after MIR )

    Or 6570 for the same brands, which end up being about $20-$25 more.

    There is indeed very limited space inside the case, so you can't even put a 2 slot card in there, so that rules out 5670's as the only low profile has a 2 slot cooler.
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