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Hello, I have both 250 and 160 gig SimpleShare disks for around 2 years, and both have been working right. Receantly, I disconnected both disks from my office's LAN and I moved them to mi house, Then I plugged in to my Mac, but it couldn`t find the Setup wizard html page which came by default in the Simple Share OS. It seems like the internal OS of the disk was erased. It is possible? How can I fix it? I really appreciate any help.
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  1. If the disks have been formatted for the Windows disk type NTFS they won't work with Mac. Only FAT32 format is supported by both Windows and Mac. You can best check by connecting the disc to a PC and go to My computer and right click on the drive name and select Format. Obviously don't format the drive but look to see whether the format-type offered is FAT32 or NTFS -- or both which also means it is FAT32.
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