Non reference 6950 with dual bios???

I have been looking for a new video card on newegg, specifically a 6950 and came across this cool card. It advertises that it is "dual bios" and I have looked, from the the poor images it supplies, and could not find the switch that is on the reference cards. Is it something internal? Also, if it is dual "bios" could I use it with a UEFI motherboard?
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  1. If that card does have the dual bios, could I flash it to the 6970 bios? Is that strictly for reference cards of for cards with dual bios?
  2. I too am looking for a good 6950. If you read the reviews though one specifically says that it's not unlock-able.
  3. Even if it has a dual bios, you probably cannot load a stock 6970 bios onto it. But you can still unlock the shaders and OC it past 6970 levels. Keep in mind, lately people have been finding a lot of cards are completely locked down, even with dual bios.
  4. That answers one question, but does the card acctualy have a physical switch or an option with software for dual bios?
  5. According to the link, right at the top in bold green lettering, it says it's a Dual Bios design. It must have a switch and if it doesn't, you can return on grounds of false advertising. (or at least you should).
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