Overheating/Broken Graphix card

My computer or rather graphics card it seems is overheating anytime I try to run basicly anything on it.

First off what can I do (except the obvious chassi fans and such)
its a recent problem.

Also Im thinking of bying a new card.
The motherboard I got is Asus p5nt ws and Im trying to find if pci-e ports are 2.0 or older version but cant find that in specs anywere does anybody know?

The card Im thinking about getting is a "Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 1GB PhysX OC"
The one I have is a Nvidia 8800gtx 756Mb

Could I expect a performance boost?
Sure Im jumping ahead several generations but Im going from a (then) high end card to a more budget card.

Any other card in the same pricerange that would be better?
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  1. yes you'll see a huge boost in performance

    and what to do about the heat.....give 'er a proper cleaning

    good luck
  2. Yeah Im going to take it apart today and clean as much of it as possible.
    Also changing pci slot on the motherboard to see if that helps.
    Atleast it leaves more space around the card.

    Also sometimes the computeer wont start at all... or rather I dont get a monitor output.
    When that happens I can hear an error warning of 3 beeps coming from the motherboard.
    Anybody know what that meens? Cant find it in the manual but maybe using a standard of error messages or something?
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