Arock Z77 Extreme6: No post, but working!?

Should I be concerned that I don't hear the post beep at startup for this board? It comes on and loads windows, no problem. I can get into the bios, etc. Everything appears fully functional - but no post. What might this mean!?

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  1. It could mean that the case you have does not have a case speaker or you didn't know what it was and didn' connect it. A motherboard has four pins next to the power button pins for a small case speaker to be connected.

    You can add this to the four pins on the motherboard to give the beep for the post.
  2. If I take out all of the ram, it beeps 3 maybe it's not supposed to beep?
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    So you do have a case speaker and it works. I'm not familiar with a motherboard that doesn't give the single post beep when it's going from the bios to loading windows. With all the settings in the bios I wonder if there is one to mute a successful post.
    At least you now know it works.
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