Monitor won't recognize computer until PSU reboot

The problem: I restarted the computer, and upon restart the monitor suddenly acts as if it is not connected to computer (monitor light orange instead of blue, as if in sleep mode).

I disconnect the DVI cord; monitor recognizes that DVI is disconnected. It just won't recognize the computer.

I repower by holding power button on computer, no result. I turn off everything at source/surge strip and then restart, no result.

In desperation, as everything is powered off I turn the PSU off, then on: the computer's blue power light flickers -- super quick-like, a flicker.

Holding my breath, I try starting the computer one more time: it works: Monitor "shows" the computer.

What happened? It's as if turning the PSU on/off sent an electrical signal to the CPU.

This thing is one month old. I7-2600K CPU.
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  1. Sounds like your power supply is not dissipating its charge correctly. with the PSU turned off hold your power button down for 20 seconds. If problems persist contact the retail store and seek a refund/replacement.
  2. I just re-read your post. If this is the first time this has happened then this is not to worry. Likely just a static build up, these things happen from time to time especially if you have a rather open case.

  3. Thanks for response. It's a Silverstone FT02 -- the top is all open.
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