Tv cannot detect hdmi geforce 560 ti.

Hello, So I am having a strange problem. I recently built a rig with a geforce 560ti. It has a mini HDMI output but comes with an adapter to full size HDMI. I have a cable running from the rig to my LG 50" 720p plasma tv (PJ550). My computer has no problem detecting the tv, However when plugged in, my tv cannot detect the hdmi input, the option is just greyed out. Furthermore, if i go to my dvd player input(connected by hdmi) and replace it with the hdmi cable running from computer, I get a great picture. What I'm really asking if how do I get my tv to recognize that the HDMI input is there??

Thank you for anyone that can help.
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  1. Is the TV your sole display or are you using it as extended desktop with another monitor?
  2. Extended desktop. I use a LCD monitor normally. TV is a duplicate or extended desktop, doesn't matter. The tv still doesn't recognize the hdmi input.
  3. It is odd. It should be plug & play.

    Try to change the screen refresh rate ( under Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization > Display > Screen resolution> Advanced ).

    If the above still does not work, reset all your video card setting to factory default.
  4. it probably a resolution issue.
  5. Have you tried contacting LG?
  6. Tried your suggestion randomkid. Unfortunately nothing happened. I'v played with it before, adjusting resolution and refresh rate. I also restored defaults. I've found that my native res for the tv is 1360x768, and my monitor is 1680x1050. When i extend, the resolutions are fine. I can see my computer screen on the tv, but that is with tricking the input. I have not contacted LG. I may have to look into that.

    Other things to note: Drivers are fully updated, components seem to be working because I can see the picture. Don't believe it to be a resolution problem since native res looks great on the tv.

    EDIT: TV and GPU is HDCP compliant. Tried using the tv as sole display, still no input choice on tv, although works fine when I trick the input.

    Side note: Tried to email LG, their email customer support failed " Failed to locate the web address you are looking for" came up, Thanks LG.
  7. SOLVED: Mini hdmi adapter was the problem. Bought a DVI to HDMI F adapter and works fine, tv recognizes pc instantly. Thanks for all your help guys.
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