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Expert advice needed: Should I change to push/pull CPU heatsink

I run a Q9650 Intel Quad core CPU with a giant size Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme CPU heatsink with 0ne 120mm, 1400rpm cooling fan on the push side, blowing air through the fins. Y=This is in an Antec 900 gaming case with (3) 120mm intake fans, (1) rear hi-output 120mm exhaust fan, and (1) 200mm "Bigboy" top mounted exhaust fan. Mu CPU typically idles at 26C. If i were to add an additional 120mm, 1400rpm, matching fan to the other side (pull side) of my heatsink, would the additional air flow through the fins by becoming a push/pull CPU cooler show me any significant benefit in CPU temperatures? Thanks....Niki
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    Yes but only 1-2C temp decrease.
  2. So foes everyone agree with Davacon or what? There's been about 60 views and only one comment. Really, by adding another actually they're 1800rpm fan to the other side in push/pull configuration I will only gain 1-2C??? Thanks Davacon for responding so fast!!! Niki
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  4. davcon said:
    Yes but only 1-2C temp decrease.

    Thanks Davacon for the fast response!!!
  5. nikimarie said:
    Thanks Davacon for the fast response!!!

    NP thx for the BA:)
  6. why do you want to get lower than 26 idle, 26idle would imply good load temps, what problem are you trying to solve.
  7. i agree with davcon i added a second fan to my hyper 212 evo and only saw 1-2c drop in tempratures,
    cant speak for your heat sink though,
    ive seen better results spending money upgrading your push fan which could then be used as the pull which might give you better results,
    just make sure fan you buy is better though
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