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Ive recently installed a new motherboard in my computer. Before installing it my computer was working just fine and i was playing on it. I turned off my computer properly and then disconnected everything and started installing my new motherboard. I finished installing it and i tried to boot it up and Windows 7 wont boot up! I get the a blue screen and the error codes are 0x0000007b (0xFFFFF880009A97E8,0X0000000000000000,0X0000000000000000) The motherboard i installed was a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3. Ive tried messing with the sata controllers but i dont think thats the problem because the motherboard is detecting the hard drive its just windows is messed up please help

My specs
AMD FX-4100
8 GB RAM 1333 MHZ
850 Watt Psu
500 GB Seagate barracuda
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  1. If the new motherboard is different model then then old one, reinstall windows.
  2. Ive tried and it wont let me. I tried booting from the cd and it still takes me to the loading windows 7 and then it just blue screens
  3. Do this first!

    Edit: oh just saw you were not able to reinstall windows, ok yeah do that first. Go into the bios boot priority and change the main boot device from HDD to DVD/CD and that should let you boot into the dvd.

    vv if that still doesn't work (after you reinstalled windows) then try this vv

    Go into the bios and make sure the hard drive you reinstalled windows on is set as the first boot priority, also make sure no dvds or USBs are present in the system (keyboard and mice are fine, usb drives are not)

    Edit: also try changing the hdd from ACHI mode to SATA or vice versa (if it has a raid option don't touch it, but if its already set to raid, switch it)
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