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I am pricing up a system to suit Archicad 15 and Artlantis studio, both from graphisoft

The biggest issue is video cards.

Nvidia appears to have some sort of development partnership with Graphisoft, does this make them the right choice or is using a ATI firepro card which is cheaper but may rate equally or better with its nvidia counterpart a better option.

any thoughts welcomed, I am no expert, just trying to piece it all together

cards considered are
Nvidia Quadro FX 580, 600 and 2000
ATI Firepro V4800 and V5800

rest of components are
CPU + Fan Retail Boxed Core i5-2400 3.3Ghz 6MB Cache *Quad Core
Maximus IV Extreme-Z Socket LGA1155 Motherboard Asus
HyperX 8GB Dual Channel kit 2x 4GB PC12800 DDR3 (1600Mhz) Memory
Caviar Green WD15EARS - Hard drive - 500gb - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - buffer: 64 MB X2 in RAID1

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  1. p.s OS Win 7 64
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