No video from motherboard ga-z77x-d3h

I am getting no video from my motherboard. I just installed a ga-z77x-d3h with a new i3 2120 and am not getting any video from the board or a video card, have tried all the video out on the board. Monitor works fine and everything is hooked up properly. Rma?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. did you get drivers? use a different cable. also, do you have a video card? try these options
  2. I tried a different cable and on a different input for my monitor. If I get the drivers what do I do next? Video card still resulted in no output, my monitor says no signal detected.
  3. What video card do you have? If you have intergrated graphics then you connect the monitor cable to the motherboards video port , if you have a video card then you connect the monitor cable to the video cards port.
    Once you put the video card in you have to load the drivers for it and uaually Windows will want to load the Windows default drivers but you really should load the video card drivers that came with the card on the install cd.
  4. make sure you used the brass mb stand offs and the mb is not shorted out and the 4/8 pin atx power plug is connected.
  5. You may have to manualy switch the input on the monitor if you don't have it set to the correct input and the monitor doesn't have an automatic detection.
    If your connecting by DVI then you may have to switch to the DVI input on the screens on screen display menu.
  6. I'm hoping to use the on board graphics. Tried an old radeon hd 3650, it is functioning, got nothing. Made sure the monitor was on the the right input. Made sure all the connections were secure and all done. I removed everything and found a extra stand off, which I removed. Reinstalled everything and made sure I hooked it all up properly, still no signal from any of the video outputs.

    Any other ideas?

    And thanks again for all of the help.
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    I would say that after trying everything that you would need to RMA the motherboard.
  8. Was hoping it wouldn't come to that.

    Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Have you tried the tech support of the motherboard?
  10. I did try tech support on Friday. Their response way the same as everyone else.
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