HDD and FDD problem

I recently installed a new IBM 30GB HDD (7200rpm) in my computer as a master drive and changed my existing 4.3GB HDD as slave drive. I was able to partition and format the new drive into 10GB each. When I loaded windows 98 to the new drive, my computer hung up. I tried loading 3 time with the same result. I then removed the new drive and put my old drive back in as master and reset the BIOS. My computer didn't work now. Every time I turned on my computer and after some normal bootup message, the last message on the screen that read "FLOPPY DISK FAILURE [E0]" and everything froze up. I exchanged a known good FD and cable with no success. Help! Thanks.
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  1. Double-check jumpers and check boot sequence in BIOS.

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