I5 750, upgrade or OC

I have had mb/cpu for years now i am begining to think its time to upgrade but not sure, is there a big enough improvment? I am not one for overclocking a large amount ATM i am on 3.1Ghz running 30c ish in game with new h80 cooler. So with my temps low should i go the whole hog and go abitty crazy, mabee aim for 3.8? If buying new i would go anything up too £500 or a little more if needed. Thanks
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  1. Oc! That h80 will give you great temps! Make sure you have temps that are within ~65C
  2. I'd definitely say overclock. Sandy Bridge is better, but not to the extent that it is worth dropping money for a new CPU and motherboard. I'd say wait until at least Ivy Bridge and PCI-E 3.0 before you consider a platform upgrade, there are PCI-E 3.0 boards out now, but the Sandy Bridge CPUs won't support 3.0 speeds, so if you upgraded now, you would need to get a new CPU later. Really, unless you need really low video encoding times or very high workstation app performance, or have a very beefy multi-GPU setup, you won't see any real benefit from a Sandy Bridge CPU, not over an OCed i5 750.
  3. I was going to build an i5 750 for a budget build when Sandy Bridge was first released. I wish I had to be honest, had the opportunity to grab one for £50 off a freind. Overclocking the i5 750 is so wonderfully simple and yeilds massive performance results - If you overclock it to 3.8 or even 4.0ghz you will NOT see a CPU bottleneck for a long time. The Clock for Clock performance on Lynnfield is still excellent and will push any game to the limit for a while yet.
    I say wait for Haswell.
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