New System freeze frequently

Hello everyone,
I'm having a problem with my new computer, it freezes frequently, even on bios Screen and sometime during POST. I've tried turning off Intel turbo with no help. CPU temp is 30-40c. memory configured by bios to work on 1333mhz.
Raid0 configured on two 320GB disks (old but healty Disks) - OS installed on Raid.
the bios was updated to latest ver to support 3d generation Intel CPU's. Optimal Defaults were loaded right after I flash the bios. I remember that the first time I started the computer after the update, it was freezing in the startup before I manage to enter the bios. the second time it was loaded ok and then I enter the bios and loaded the defaults. it was working fine for the following week and then started freezing randomly, now it freezes every few min on windows or BIOS. I've notice that after the PC has been shot-down for a few hours, it's usualy taking longer for the freeze to arrive.
I've reset CMOS with no help.
right now I'm running MemTest and for now it was running 2 passes (no freeze yet)

PC information:

MB Model: GA-P67A-D3-B3(rev. 1.0)
BIOS Ver : F7 (Latest)

VGA Brand : GIGABYTE Model : GV-NX88S512H-B
CPU Brand : Intel Model : i5-3570k Speed : 3.4
Operation System : Win 8
Memory Brand : Corsair Type : Vengeance® — 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R)
Memory Size : 2x4gb Speed : 1600
Power Supply : SeaSonic ECO 500W Active PFC, 2X PCI-E 6/8, 34A / 12V Single Rail 220V Only
Disks: 2 x WD 320GB on Raid0
1 Seagate 1TB, 3.5", SATA3, Barracuda 7200.14

No overclocking!

I'm running out of idea's
any help will be appreciate


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  1. Why is memory configured at 1333Mhz?
  2. Because It's SPD is 1333mhz and this how the MB recognize it.
    I need to overclock it in order to work on 1600.
    The problem is that when I do that the computer refuse to load and keep coming back to 1333. So I just leave it for now.

    Anyway, I run the memtest 5 times with no errors and also check the Raid with no errors found.
    The Strange thing is that the computer didnt freeze in the last 24 hours and I have no idea what has been change.

    I will watch it for a couple of days and see if it continue freezing.
    Thank you
  3. Check all the connection care fully and tighten it.
  4. for some reason the computer did not freeze again within the last week.
    thanks anyway for the help.

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