Is this (Antec HCG-900W) PSU a good buy? ($89.48 after rebate + taxes)

Hey guys I know this is just about a PSU, but since it has to do with a new build I posted it here instead of like the deals section (which quite honestly I don't think many people look or are active in haha). Basically, kinda made a bad choice on a PSU, went with a Corsair CX-500 because i got it for $29.99 after mail-in rebate off the egg, but forgot to check the amount of molex connections which is my fault and not a bad thing about it (4 is pretty standard i think for 500-600w) (i need at least 5 - 4 case fans, 1 card reader, and will probably get more fans later - and i am aware this can be remedied by an adapter/converter such as molex to sata, but i have other reasons for wanting a different one). Also did a bit more reasearch on PSUs and I understand them a little bit more better than I did before and I don't think CX500 would meet my means in the end. [quick rundown of specs - i5-2500k, gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 mb, hyper 212+, 8gb 1600 g. skill ram, samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hard drive, ocz solid 3 60gb sata3 ssd, standard dvd/cd sony burner, antec 900 two v3 case, standard rosewill 75-in-1 card reader, and of course cx500 - no graphics card yet planning of getting one later - i can live without gaming for a bit since i also own a ps3 anyway] It would be a shame to not be able to crossfire/sli with this build and motherboard, but i went with a low wattage psu for money constraints. However, since I still haven't gotten a graphics card, I'm thinking in investing in a better, bigger psu for the long run, and maximum future proofness/upgradability. Now although there seems to be some decent deals right now, I don't feel like buying just yet because I feel like I can do better if I wait since it turns out the same decent deals I see on psus i have seen for even cheaper just a few weeks ago. One thing I have been looking at is the Antec High Current Gamer Series PSUs. Currently newegg's got rebates with them making them pretty good deals - 620w $49.99 after rebates/750w $69.99 after rebates - nothing on the 900w. However, I have also browsed Microcenter and they have the 900w for $79.99 after rebate!! (unfortunately $5.99 shipping but still good + tax) What makes it seem like such a good deal though is that if I buy from newegg the 750w, it comes to $101.64 which includes shipping and tax and $76.64 after rebate - however if I buy 900w from microcenter it comes to $109.48 which includes shipping and tax and $89.48 only a little over $10 more! The issue here is should I even spend that much at all as well as this: the 750w is probably enough for all my needs and is a great psu but for only a bit over $10 I can get the 900w and completely make this computer ready for whatever power needs there are for the future. However, at the same time 900w is definately overkill. Therefore, I'm not sure if it is worth it or a good buy... Ideally I'd like to get a great deal on a 600-850w PSU with the best brands like antec, corsair, seasonic, etc. even OCZ (since I've had great experience with them). Unfortunately newegg or elsewhere does not seem to have that good a deal on anything yet. Problem is clock is ticking and I gotta return the cx500 soon.

One last thing, the other reason I want to return cx500 is taht I have had some major scary problems with the computer. Now I was shocked to have problems at all with a brand PSU liek Corsair and I am truly not sure if the PSU is the problem. I couldn't get my PC to start at all and had numerous other problems. Long story short I narrowed it down to a defvective memory stick which I RMAed (got them today) but also it may or may not be issues with the motherboard. Either way I don't want to take a chance and I want to get a better PSU anyway so it''' probably work out. I apologize for the extremely long post and thank anyone who replies, has any suggestions, and has taken the time to read this (and bear through all the typos which most likely have plagued this post). Thanks in advance!
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  1. i think the antec hcg 900w is definitely a good buy at that price, and it will work for any dual gpu setup. so why not?
  2. thanks for the reply! i just also feel at the same time that its not worth it since 900w is overkill.... but for someone who needs that amount of wattage its definately a good buy
  3. Be informed. Before you buy any PSU read accurate, objective PSU reviews at reputable sites such as or on the EXACT model PSU that you are interested in as some brands have good and poor quality PSUs.

    You can also get an accurate rating of how much PSU power is required for your current or future system at the PSU calculator link below. Once you know the total PSU watts required then you need to confirm that the 12v rail has enough amps. to support your Vid card(s) and the rest of the PC system.

    There are several websites that show the Vid card power consumption in watts. Divide the watts by 12 to determine the amps. required on the 12v rail(s). Add 15 amps for the rest of the PC on the 12v rail and you now know the Minimum total 12v rail amps required under full load. It's best to have at least 5-10 amps. reserve on the 12v rail available under full load so the PSU is not loaded to 100%. [...] Ti/25.html
  4. ^ wow thanks for the info i really appreciate it! guru3d link is dead i think though
  5. You're welcome. Guru3d link repaired.
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