Pentium dual core e5700 vs core 2 duo e6700

I want to know which one is better

pentium dual core e5700
core 2 duo e6700

I want to know that because I want to run games like assassin's creed , prototype etc.
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  1. core 2 duo.
  2. How clockable is that E5700? Despite a smaller cache if that can be pushed to high clock speeds it may beat the E6700.

    If you're not up for overclocking then the E6700 is the better chip.
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    Which E6700? The 2.66 GHz Conroe or the 3.2 GHz Wolfdale? :)

    "C2D" in this context is talking about the Conroe, but there is so much confusion that you are better off talking about specific chip models.

    If you are comparing the 3.0 GHz E5700 to the Conroe, I would say the E5700 has a slight edge. The greater chip speed should balance the Conroe's larger cache. And the E5700 will overclock better. And it is less expensive.

    Otherwise, the E6700 Wolfdale is the better chip.
  4. Thank you very much for this information
  5. +1 with jsc.
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