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im running dual monitors on my ati 5850 for a longer period of time now. My monitors are Philips 24" and a Samsung 940NW 19", had an OC running rig when the problems started, they didnt start immidietly either. After a period of 3 months running OCed, my secundary monitor started running standby mode on startup. The primary one would start up immidietly but my second monitor on that card starts displaying after 3-10 minutes running windows.

Ive formated my pc, restored defaults in bios so my rig isnt OCed anymore. Ive also installed different drivers ( newer, older, etc... ). Swithced cables and everything, the funny thing is that nothing is wrong with the display port either. Switched ports, evetything worked properly except the second monitor ( samsung ). The thing is nothing seems to be wrong with the monitor aswell -_-. It allways startsup after sm time of hang in standby mode.

So what could it be?
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  1. Quiet around here : D Well, what i havent tried yet, is if i would setup eyefinity instead of powering my monitors via default Win7 desktop detection or amd vision, doubt thats the problem : S But its worth a shot when i come home from work.

    Ppl, dont be shy! : D
  2. Give it more then an hour this early in the morning.

    How do you know its not the monitor? Test it on a different machine.
  3. Did, and it works : S I also have a 3rd monitor, samsung 17" 4:3 works fine, i mean, i know a lot about computers and thats what puzzles me : S I dont understand, just cleaned my GPU today, took the chasis off, cleaned it all to a spot, works 5°C less on heat, but stil the problem is here, guess this is issue is just too much for my brain to comprehend :_ S
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