CPU-Z, HWMonitor, 3DMark freezing

So CPU-Z, HWMonitor and 3DMark 11 freeze my computer when trying to load.
CPU-Z and HWMonitor doesn't even open while 3DMark crashes when the benchmark loads. The monitor goes blank (shows vertical lines in shades of black and white) and a I have to hard reset.

Now I'm running 2 memory modules in dual channel. Using only one of the modules solves the problem, while using the other one results in the crashes. Obviously the problem is related to the 'faulty' module, however running any games, memtest86+, Prime95's blend test or OCCT's large data set don't reveal any problems.

This isn't a major issue but I'd still like to hear some thoughts from other people.

MSI 890GXM-G65
AMD Phenom II 965
MSI Radeon HD 7770
2 X 4GB DDR @ 1333
1TB Hitachi HDD
LG DVD Writer
Corsair CX430
Win7 Professional x64

All running at stock settings
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  1. It sounds like you do have a faulty memory module and should be replaced and since the memory manufacturers give a lifetime limited warranty it should be fairly easy to get it replaced.
  2. inzone said:
    It sounds like you do have a faulty memory module and should be replaced and since the memory manufacturers give a lifetime limited warranty it should be fairly easy to get it replaced.

    Even though no problems are found when stress testing or gaming?

    Any idea what the mentioned programs have in common that cause the crash, like making some memory related query or something?
  3. When you test with multiple different programs you end up testing the ram completely for erery sort of defect. Some may concentrate on what is used in gaming and others may test what is used in productivity and large and small file transferes and still others in wahts needed for scientific calculations as in folding @ home.
    So your choice would be to keep the ram if your just using it for gaming and maybe some photo editing and rendering.
    You can return it since it has a lifetime limited warranty because you just don't want defective memory for any use even though you may never come accross it.
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    I just want to tell you that i found out what is wrong , its only problem with powerplay (low clocks when gpu is not active), try to run furmak windowed when gpu and memory wil have high frequency, and in the same time start cpuz or 3dmark you will see that it works, after you close furmark and frequency drop to 300 mhz and 150 mhz cpuz and 3dmark will freeze computer again. We need to find solution to disable powerplay on ati 7770. If you find some , write me. Bye.
  5. And i hope that this what i write will help to someone.
  6. Set UnofficialOverclockingMode to 1 to keep PowerPlay active , 2 to traditionally disable PowerPlay or to 0 to temporary disable unofficial overclocking path
    should be under where you enter the EULA disclaimer to enable voltage control etc."
    This is done in MSI Afterburner.

    If you don't have MSI Afterburner.
    To change powerplay:

    1 Open CCC and choose Overdrive tab, unlock (by clicking on the " Gold Key" icon)
    2 Go top options, profile and choose profile manager.
    3 In the composition tab, choose "The following settings" and in the "ATI Radeon HD 58xx/57xx series "make sure only ATI overdrive is checked.
    Then enter a profile name,then save and close it (Do not activate).
    4 Go to C:\Users\Your UserName\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles (It's hidden so make sure you unlock hidden files and folders)

    <Feature name="CoreClockTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="15700" />

    <Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="30000" />

    By changing these 2, your idle 2D clocks changes. Make sure to activate the profile in CCC when you make changes.

    To change ULPS:

    1 Go to regedit (start>search programs and files>"regedit")
    2 In drop down menu: find file>type "eneableulps"
    3 For ALL instances (keep pressing F3) change the "1" value to a "0".
    4 Reboot.
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