Asus P8Z77-V PRO CPU Fan Error

Hi everyone,

I've currently just built my first computer today. Everything seems hooked up fine. Now, I've just switched it on for the first time and I'm getting a message about a "CPU Fan Error!". Under this message it says "Press F1 to Run SETUP", I press F1 and it is seems to be fine, however at the fan speed section it has my CPU_fan in red and states that it is turning at roughly 410 - 430 RPM.

I've turned it off and had a look at my connections and all seems to be well. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? Also, I'm using the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO.

If anyone needs anymore information then please feel free to ask!

Thank you for any help in advance,

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  1. Quick update: I had a look in the BIOS, and there was a setting called 'CPU Fan Speed Low Limit'.. This was set to 600 as default. I turned it off to 'Ignore' and the error no longer appears!

    One question now: Is my CPU fan currently OK? It is reaching about 480 rmp maax while I am on the BIOS now. Is this speed OK forr cooling whhile installing Windows 7? Or should I look for another solution?

    Thanks in advance again
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