First PC gaming rig. 1500-2000CAD

Approximate Purchase Date: Around late october to mid november

Budget Range: Max 2000$ after taxes (13% HST)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming(BF3, etc), Photoshop, Lightroom, Media system

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
due to picking up from store 5 minutes away = no shipping :D
And pricematching any other retailer

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences: Intel and Nvidia

Overclocking: Sticking with the msi factory OCed 570 unless proven otherwise annd may do light OCing on the the processor

SLI or Crossfire: At the moment no, but may(75% chance) toss in a second 570 when needed/have the money, so would rather have the powersupply + mobo + case to do so

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Current Part selection:
CPU: i5 2500k - $209.99
I only do light Photoshop/Lightroom, so hopefully i7 isn't needed

GPU: MSI GTX 570 - $365.54

RAM: G.skill ripjaws 1600 8gb - Pricematched to $49.28

SSD: Crucial M4 128gb - Pricematched to $174.97

HDD: WD Caviar Black SATAIII 750gb - $59.99
Note: I would get Samsung F3 but NCIX does not have any in stock anymore

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Z68 $199.99

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-d14 - $89.99

PSU: Corsait TX850 ATX 12V Single Rail - Pricematched to $131.20

Case: Coolermaster Haf X EATX - Pricematched to $167.20
I realllyy like this case, so will probably stubborn on changing it

CD/DVD Drive: ASUS 24x DVD Writer - Pricematched to $19.97

OS: Windows 7 - Pricematched to $99.97

Before Pricematch/taxes: 1747.42
After Pricematch/before taxes: 1618.09
Final Price: $1832.57
Damn 13% Tax up here in Ontario -_-

I'm hoping i provided enough information, if anything else is needed, ask away and thank you very much in advance.
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  1. You could go w/ a GTX 580 for around 500 bucks and SLI it in the future. This would not take you over your budget. I am also building a PC for a similar price. My wishlist is here:
    In my build I decided to go w/ the ASUS P868 Deluxe motherboard which is some of the best bang for your buck on the most recent Tom's Hardware Z68 Motherboard comparison...,3025.html
    The Deluxe comes w/ bluetooth and high benchmarks for gaming.
    I also chose to use the SilverStone Fortress FT02B-W. A super sick, and expensive case that has some of the best cooling, and greatest quality of all cases.
    A video review for it here:
    A lot of people recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212, for a low price, supposedly offers great cooling and good for overclocking eventually.
  2. I've been thinking about gtx 580, but prob won't end up getting it...and yeah i'm on the fench for Hyper 212 vs NH D14

    (Also, shameless self bump)
  3. Maybe few replies is a good thing. The guru's here must like your build. Good luck. Looks good to me. I think I might end up using the P8Z68 Pro also, since it seems more in line w/ the features I would actually use, and a bit nicer price point. Plus that Pro also has bluetooth which I have set my eyes on as a must have feature lol.
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