Lga 2011 x79 buy now or wait untill q4

Hi all
Buying components for a new build. I need it to edit 1tb of uncompressed AVI to mp4. All of my Dads old VCR tapes. I may do some gaming again but that is not my driver for the build. I really want to run raid 10 with 4 2tb drives at sata 3. and raid 0 on 2 corsair 240gb neutron SSD's so I need at least 6 sata3 ports. I also need firewire as that is how I pulling the VCR tapes to digital. I have a dual core Intel machine it is about 4 years old to render 30 gb files takes about 8 hours and usually crashes before it completes.
What I have so far.

16 gb 2133 Muskin 4x4 memory
2 corsair 240gb neutron SSD's
Intel x3930 CPU
Seasonic 750 modular PS
2 3 tb sata3 hard drives.
Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme
Old Gigabyte full tower case.
Bunch of old hard drives sata2

I don't want to spend $400 for a mother board and it seams most of the stuff being sold has lots of problems. High returns and RMA rates on Newegg reviews. So what do you recommend I have read all of Toms reviews on the x79 chip set.
Anyone know if new LGA 2011 boards are coming out Q4 should I wait. I am thinking about ASRock or Asus as I will over clock for sure. I overclocked my first chip which was a 386 cpu yes I'm old.
I don't think I will buy it from newegg as the RMA process has really gotten bad with them. I will buy local at Microcenter or frys so I can return it easy if I have a problem.
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  1. get this build instead. much more balanced

    -high speed memory is useless
    -get one large ssd rather than 2.
    -rosewell capstone is just as good as a seasonic unit since its built by superflower
    -if you want more storage, go ahead with a seagate barracuda 3tb for 129.99 each
    -dont go with fisher price watercooling.
    -if you still want to use the old case, by all means go ahead

    no regular x79 motherboard will provide you with 6 sata ports. the x79s-up5 is a c606 motherboard meaning there is SAS. SAS should work fine with sata drives though

    motherboard is here

    if you are transcoding (switching file formats) videos, you are better off with a i7 3770k since it is much faster at transcoding files. rendering is still pretty fast on a 3770k
  2. Thanks I have already bought everything but the motherboard and video card.
    I am using sony vegas to edit transcode and render.
  3. sony vegas doesnt require a lot of CPU horsepwer. if you bought almost everything, id still suggest changing the motherboard and the video card

    and transcoding would be slow compared to quicksync
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    Well a few things. First don't encode a 'final' project using Quick Sync, it's fine for you Phone or Tablet but certainly nothing for 'production' value; use CPU based encoding and you'll greatly reduce artifacts.

    Nice rendering article -,2839-9.html

    As far as which MOBO, by far the ASUS with LGA 2011 is your best option. The ASRock's 'seem' nice on paper but the added third-party SATA Chipsets cause far too many problems and often the MOBO drops-out (shuts down expectantly) and the common fix is to Disable all non-Intel SATA ports.

    Personally I use the ASUS Sabertooth X79 and it offers (1) IEEE 1394a port @ I/O; specs -

    If you need more than (2) GPU(s) then look at other ASUS LGA 2011 X79's; ASUS P9X79 WS ((1) IEEE 1394a port) or P9X79 Pro (you'll need a 1394 card). Note a problem, I really don't ideally recommend (2) RAID on one controller i.e. X79 and the problem is in most cases the non-Intel are not bootable or don't support ATAPI.

    So I'd first use the SSD's on the Intel X79 SATA3 and then try the RAID 10 4xHDD on the Intel X79 SATA2 and the ODD on the Marvell.

    Installing RAID on the X79 needs to be done right; Guide -

    As far as 'future' LGA 2011 MOBO's & CPU's, well I don't know, and neither do I know about the IB-E -- a lot of this is dependent upon the forthcoming Haswell which has an entirely different socket. And since the AMD FX line tanked Intel subsequently both delayed and mothballed several CPU's including an 8-core SB-E, IB-E and because of this frankly I don't know if Intel even knows...
  5. Thanks
    I agree with your response. The Sabertooth looks good I just wanted more SATA 3 ports. I guess I could buy the LSI raid card if I really need it. I just have a feeling after Black Friday there will be some new lga 2011 boards coming out that would support more SATA 3 ports with the Intel controller. I have been partial to Gigabyte boards but they are not overclocking very well. So it looks like the Sabertooth and Raid 10 at sata 2. Thanks for the links.
    As far a editing video I am applying some filters as well and they are killing my E8600 I have used handbrake after editing to move to MP4 that works ok.
    Thanks again
  6. there wont be new 2011 boards coming out unless a new chip comes out which is unlikely.

    the intel sata controller is limited to 2 sata 3 ports as far as i know. boards with more sata ports are going to use a 3rd party chipset.
  7. Thanks
    I think I will pull the trigger and go with the Sabertooth. Was hoping some of you guys new more than I did about the future chipsets with the LGA 2011 socket.
    I assume will not see anything new until spring of 2013 I can't wait that long. I have a lot of video to process I am trying to get all of my family's video so I can archive it for our kids and everything is on tape except for the last 5 years.

    Thanks for your responses.
  8. The Intel X79 is (2) SATA3 and (4) SATA2 - full bandwidth, the Sabertooth X79 also adds (2) Marvell 9128 SATA3 - shared bandwidth (PCIe x1 500MB/s: ~380MB/s single drive or less than 250MB/s two SATA ports occupied), and if needed a couple eSATA from ASMedia.

    My OC results -

    Correct, about the only X79/LGA 2011's that OC consistently well are the ASUS and one MSI the MSI Big Bang-XPower II. The Gigabyte's have been frankly pretty bad.

    The ASRock X79 Extreme11 has an onboard LSI RAID controller, but given the choice I'd prefer the ASUS + LSI Dedicated RAID. Specs - Again the ASRock is great 'on paper' but in real life it's a mixed bag i.e. the dropouts I mentioned above.
  9. triumph tr6 said:
    Was hoping some of you guys new more than I did about the future chipsets with the LGA 2011 socket.

    Well I did and then Intel dropped and delayed as I mentioned. There's supposed to be the new IB-E CPU, but on the consumer lines I don't see any replacement to the X79 -- there's no need. In the Workstation arena there's the C600 (e.g. 602 & 606) series Chipset but that's more SAS support.
  10. I know as long as AMD is so far behind Intel has no reason to push out new stuff. They are more worried about power consumption than performance. Mobile is killing the desktop and most people will hire someone to do what I am doing. Soon we will be running server chips/boards to do what we do.
  11. Trust me, I much prefer the 'leap frog days' when innovation was in high gear. No doubt the mobile market is taking a huge bite out of 'desktop' innovation, but there's no doubt the 'server' market needs to move steadily forward because it's the 'source' of the content and volumes of data.

    Frankly, if I need heavy lifting all I need to do is terminal into one of my test servers and use the server instead of breaking the SQL into tiny bits to run on my X79/SB-E.

    What that means is the heavy duty 'desktop' is getting squeezed-out, and for the vast majority the most intensive computing is 'gaming' -- I realize a small segment uses their computers for more -- I'm speaking of the consumer side. I further realize the SB-E is essentially a Xeon E5. So we'll see...
  12. I've seen the same really jaquith. Most people that I worked with on very large databases (business intelligence, clustering) or scientific calculations (molecular reaction in thermal compounds) run just test batches on their own machines to test their algorithms and then use clusters or mainframes for the real data sets.

    I could write the code on my Ipad for all it mattered, since even my ivybridge doesn't even come close to the processing power of modern clusters (x86 or GPGPU) needed for some of the queries (and data sets )to get results in an acceptable time frame.

    Anyway coming back to the x79 I was really disappointed when it launched since Intel promised a lot more sata ports and failed to delivery. You really are pretty much forced to buy a raid card if you want to utilize decent raid sizes.
  13. I do the same I sell encryption software and use a lot of VirtualBox images for test and demo's. Just hate having to crank up VPN to get to my servers at corporate rather have them running on my local network. I have an galaxy tab, Ipad I use for encrypted email demo's but I rarely use them for anything else.
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