Gtx 560 vs 6870 which is best

both are of same price this card is for only single monitor gaming
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    I would go for the 560 if the prices are the same
  2. Do you mean 560 ti or 560?

    The 560 ti is the easy choice over the 6870, but if you mean the GTX 560 then they are close in terms of performance.

    I would give the slight edge to the 6870 as it typically has higher minimum FPS and lower power consumption.

    Plus, the cheapest 6870 on the egg is $155 after MIR compared to $175 after MIR for the GTX 560.

    6870 - $155

    560 - $175
  3. the "Total Idiot" one is better/faster because it has 388 Cuda Cores awhile the "Non Total Idiot" one are 336...
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