Can I connect 2 extra LCD monitors to my laptop?

hello folks,
I have a question! How many LCD monitors can I attach to my m17x r3 laptop without buying any extra hardware (for example: triplehead2go or usb-to-hdmi cards or else) ??
I want to connect 2 extra LCD monitors (1980x1020 each) to my m17x r3.
So, in total, I will have 3 monitors:
LCD1 (1920x1080) + M17x R3's own LCD (1920x080) + LCD2 (1920x1080)
Is it possible to do that on my m17x r3 without any extra hardware??

My m17x r3 has Nvidia GTX460M (1.5GB DDR5) graphics card and here is the list of video output ports on it:
1 HDMI out
1 VGA out
1 Mini DisplayPort out

Thank you very much!
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  1. You should be able to run 2 monitors from the outputs. If you already have the monitors why not just plug them in and try it?
  2. I want to use 2 monitors from the outputs while still using the laptop's own LCD so it makes 3 monitors in total. I don't have "mini-Displayport to DVI" converter and I don't have 2 LCD monitors at the moment so I just wanted to learn whether this configuration above is possible or not. If it is possible, I will buy them.
  3. Can't find any place where you can use 2 monitors and the LCD screen, looks just like dual displays are supported. Contact Dell see what they say.
  4. I called Dell today. They don't know much about alienware laptops and they could not reply it. I made a long search on internet but again, I could not get any exact reply.
    When you have new laptop with new ports on it, it is hard to find a solution :s
  5. If Dell does not know much about Alienware laptops could they at least connect you with or provide a number to Alienware support?
  6. jaguarskx said:
    If Dell does not know much about Alienware laptops could they at least connect you with or provide a number to Alienware support?

    Unfortunately Dell now owns Alienware. This is what happens, big companies buy out little good companies and run them into the shitter.
  7. I got an ASUS G75 witha GTX 670m.

    I just bought a cheap [mini DP > DVI adatper] ($20) in the hope to run 3 screen at the same time... But so far i can only figure out how to have 2 screens running at once.

    Maybe its limitation of the GTX 670M... Cause i know the destop 670 can do it.

    I have already tested 2 external screens at once via:
    HDMI + mini DP
    HDMI + VGA

    But when i run the 2 externals it won't let me run the laptop screen.

    I haven't tried 3 externals yet, need a 3rd screen to try.
    i.e. HDMI + mini DP + VGA

    Still investigating.. but like you there isn't anything on the web!!!
  8. Figured it out:

    My 670M (Fermi core) is only capable of 2 displays at once.
    I shld have got the cheaper 660M (new Kepler core) capable of 4 active dispays.

    Damn i wish i knew this 3months ago :(
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