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4-pin fans

I see my Intel DZ68BC mobo has 4-pin fan connectors. I can't, however find any fans on the market that has 4 pins. What does the 4th pin do and does anyone know who makes 4-pin fans?

I think it controls the fan speeds and if possible I'd like to have the mobo control the fans just to see how that works out.

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  1. It's rather silly; only CPU HSFs are 4-pin. You can still connect 3-pin fans to 4-pin headers and get speed control.
  2. One wire is ground, one wire is power, one is fan tach, one is fan speed adjustment. You can get fan speed adjustment with 3 or 4 pin fans. I have noticed with some 4 pin fans they can make a horrible squealing noise if not running at 100%.
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    Generally 4pin connectors on mobo are for the cpu cooler = allows speed adjustment.
    Any additional 4pin fan headers are a bonus.
    4pin fans are referred to as PWM fans.
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