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I"m woring on putting together a cheap gaming rig, I put together a llano rig, 8350 with a 6670 video card so they will actually work together, and the comparably priced intel system is a 3.2ghz i3 with a nvidia 550 1gb. Which will be best for gaming? Both have 8gb 1600 ddr3.
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  1. I rather get the Radeon HD 6770 instead of the GTX 550. The HD 6770 performs better and it is less expensive based on prices at Newegg.

    You can get the following HD 6770 for $90 after rebate:


    Since the Core i3 can compete very well against the Phenom II X4 965 in games, I would opt for the Core i3 and the HD 6770. Even though the HD 6670 can be hybrid Crossfired with the Llano APU, the result will not be as anywhere near as powerful as a Radeon HD 6770.
  2. Llano has very spotty performance with crossfire between it and the 6670, only seems to work right on newer games and you'll get 6750 performance at best. The I3 is a more powerful processor, and it combined with a 6770(only slightly more expensive than a 6670) would perform better.
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