*URGENT should i go for this awesome deal?

i dont have the money for all my computer parts till early november and this deal is only until the 31st of october, and my family i going to the city where this store is located tomorrow. this bundle deal has the exact cpu and motherboard that i was going to get. should i get it before everything else? i just dont want to change my mind in month and regret my purchase, but its really good deal, and im %95 sure these are the parts i want.
here it is: http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/BDL_3570K_Z77VLK
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  1. Yeah, the board looks solid, go for it if you are really sure if you won't change your mind, its a very good deal.
  2. It looks like if you need to return/exchange any of the parts then you need to go to the store, unless you spend an extra $35. Is that a problem?
  3. Not really problem, but do you know if i could rma either of the parts if the return period is over if their are any problems when i build my pc in the first couple weeks of november
  4. I suggest waiting for the build. Policy has return in 7 days, and exchange in 30 days.
    However, the bundle is a great deal. tough


    I still think it's best to wait. Less chance of regrets.
  5. What about rma? I can do that after the return policy is over right ? Should i wait till the end of october, cause from what i can tell the sales on till october 31st
  6. Oh wait, its only on till the 9th
  7. In my opinion, it's best not to be hasty when building a pc. If the deal ends, then they'll probably have another great deal that might be better.

    Also, at that price level. Why not a ASRock z77 Extreme 4 or Gigabyte D3H (this one can't use cards @ 3.0 x 16)? Personally I'd get the Extreme 4 if I was gonna use 2 GPUs or the Gigabyte for 1 GPU.
  8. So, what did you do?
  9. I didnt get it, ill wait till i can get everything
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