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So last June I put together a new computer and got an ASUS EAH5850 DirectCU radeon HD 5850 1GB graphics card and a motherboard with 2 x16 PCI slots (The Actual MoBo: so that I could later buy another 5850 card when the prices declined and Crossfire them. The problem is I waited too long and now neither the 5850 nor the 5870 are sold anymore. So my question is if I wanted to upgrade my graphics is there some comparable product out now for sub $200 I could crossfire my 5850 with or is trying to crossfire it with something at this point just not worth the effort?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, Thank!

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  1. I know there are a few out there but their prices seem screwed, as in only 20 dollars less than they cost a year and a half ago.
  2. Demand for these cards most be high!
  3. Something like that, from the July best gaming GPUs for the money article that Tom's always posts it looks like they are still relatively powerful compared to the newest cards. Really wish I could find a cheap one somewhere
  4. lightly used for 130? sounds good to me. Ebay snipy snipe time
  5. Dame! That card I linked you to sold for $222.50 and that's a used card, talking about demand for em, I think bitcoin mining has something to do with it. Everybody into mining is snapping up higher end radeon cards.
  6. What is your native resolution?
  7. I actually won that card, I was not happy to throw out $220 for it but that is the Exact same card I have now, so I figure for crossfire got to have it.
  8. Congratulations on the winning bid. I'm surprised it went that high, but you get what you paid for, an exact match.
    Don't forget to have the warranty transferred over to you. Good luck with it and keep me posted.
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