GTX 660 Ti and MSI NF750-G55

Will GTX 660 Ti works with my motherboard, MSI NF750-G55 (AM3 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI HDMI) ?

Did the google and didn't give me the specific answer, double checking with you guys before I order it.

thanks, joshnut
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    Gtx 660ti will work on that mobo. Dont worry.
  2. I just only thought my motherboard might be a bit old for the newer version of GTX 600 series but cool! Thanks for your patient, mubin.
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  4. It supports PCI-E 2.0, so no problem.
  5. Unless you've already bought it, don't waste your money on a 660 Ti. A good 660 is about just as fast for about $70-100 less money and significantly less power consumption while some good 670s are only slightly more expensive than the 660 Ti while being considerably better.
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