Youtube sounds distorted on all my headphones?

On youtube or streaming sights the sound seems kind of distorted. It's weird, voices will be quiet but BGM will be loud. I'm trying to download a video right now and see if the same video on youtube sounds like it should. I'm using a sound blaster 3d sigma headset and I've tried various other headsets and headphones and they all have quiet voices but loud BGM. Like when I'm watching sports highlights I can barely hear the commentator but the crowd is very loud and overpowers it. The drivers for my new headset installed successfully and are fully up to date. Oh and by the way on speakers everything sounds fine. But just headsets/headphones have the strange quiet voices and loud BGM.
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  1. Ok I'm back from the dentist, I plugged the headset/microphone into the back inputs and the sound is perfect and beautiful. Could the front jacks be faulty? The computer is only like a month old.
  2. The front and rear jacks go through different paths; the front sockets are almost always lower quality (due to travel distance and the like), so that could be what you are seeing...
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