Gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3r Makes ligts and beeps a lot.

I have a Gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3r When powered up it beeps a lot, and all 6 SMD LEDS Light up solid. Its sending enought signal through the posibly cooked video card to wake my monitor, but only to say no signal.

Where do I find out what the diognostic beeps and lights mean? Clearly it is trying to tell me something...
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  1. Never mind. Found the manual eventually.

    400w power supply when 500w min is required for the mother board would be the first problem, and explain the beeps.

    Thanks for all your help.

    I can take it from here.
  2. 400w instead of 500w will not make issue. Its the bad psu or un-proper power connection.

    Hope you can take care it.
  3. It does when you take into account the 2 HDD's, DVD super multi, Floppy drive, Fans, and navidia graphics....

    Got it to boot from 1 hdd or dvd, provided nothing else is plugged in. Bigger PSU on the way.
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