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Copy from internal drives to usb slow down after upgrading memory from 1gb to 3gb on my dell dimension 9200. Any help?
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  1. How much speed reduce? I think its for low power usb.
  2. I don't even know what is low power usb but all the same the least speed was 6MB/sec for flash drives, as for external hard drives I don't remember the speed before the upgrading of ram. After the upgrade the speed for flash drives starts at least 8MB/sec and then it reduces gradually to 3MB/sec if I'm not copying anything at the same time. The worse thing is even at 3MB/sec speed, it's not continues, it stops occasionally which makes copying very very boring. And for the occasional stopping it happens to external HDD too.
  3. It also happen form back side USB port?
  4. Yes all my USB port gives me the same transfer speed rate. And other people say my USB ports faulty but I don't think so because they were all working fine just before I upgrade the ram
  5. Its only with your external hdd or all other? Did you install anything in your system from online that is insecure? Create a new user account and try copy from there.

    Is it windows XP? I guess it is.
  6. The following are transfer rates I have observed:
    1. Between internal drives: from 20MB/sec to 51MB/sec.
    2. From internal drives to USB HDD: from 13MB/sec to 15MB/sec
    3. From internal drives to Flash drives: Starts from 10MB/sec and drops gradually to 3MB/sec.
    I'm not using windows XP is windows 7.
  7. 1. For internal drives, if it is SATA II, then its ok.

    2. For USB HDD, it should be @ 50mb/s. Is your usb hdd is too old or you didnt plug another usb jack for auxiliary power?

    3. Sometimes flash drive get slow when its old and reduce speed.

    If you think its happen from any sudden action, then you can give a clean installation of os. Mobo USB port never do this slow. I use 7 years old mobo which is still faster as before. Love my gigabyte mobo.

    Did you check from new account? You can at least try.
  8. For new account 'No' but for new windows 7 'Yes
  9. So creating new account did the same thing? Try a clean installation of win7. Its software related issue.
  10. Installing clean win7 is it not the same as installing fresh win7 or new win7? Because for all the videos I've watch from youtube, it seems to like they all the same, just that they do no partition. If what I'm saying is true then I've install two new win7 but the problem seems not be solved.
  11. Yes same. You didnt format windows partition.Thats why there is two windows.

    As you solve the problem, its clear that there is issue with windows.
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