Does Intel DG41TY Motherboard support P4 550J processor?

Does anyone have any info on this? The Intel website doesn't show it as a supported processor, but it is an 800Mhz FSB CPU.
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    It should be. you can try. Gigabyte g41 mobo listed P4 cpu as supported. So there is a chance.
  2. A better question is why you'd want to use a P4.
  3. Yeah, try to upgrade the whole system instead of mobo.
  4. Thanks of the info. I'm just building a quick and dirty system until I can get my main rig up and running again - budget is tight, and I had these parts laying around - wasn't sure if they played well together or not.
  5. If you need any mobo now, buy it from ebay for cheap price and save up money for new build.
  6. Thanks, mubin. That is the plan... use the parts I got until I can justify spending for the good stuff!
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