Bought a new build but it BSOD on start up. I've used my old hard drive with windows vista on it just to test it so its not a clean install. The CPU is running at 40c in the Bios so its possible I've not sat the heatsink on it right. Would the CPU reaching its throttle temps cause a BSOD?
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  1. It shouldn't. What was the message on the BSOD? that's probably the most important thing. Also make sure your RAM is in the correct colored slots. Sometimes that can be very confusing as different boards have different layouts.
  2. Checked the RAM its in the right slots. The BSODs are happening when windows is loading. Could it be because its not a clean install? I'll try to take a photo of the BSOD now
  3. The error is STOP 0xFFFFFA60005AF9C0,0XFFFFFFFFC0000034,0X000000000000.0X000000000000 any ideas?
  4. if you used your old hard drive from another machine,then you will have problems because you dont have the new motherboard drivers installed,your trying to boot the machine with a Hard drive from another machine with a different motherboard,reformat the old hard drive and reinstall your operating system and new motherboard drivers.....
  5. Yeah I think that's the problem, I'm installing windows 7 now, will update when its done, cheers
  6. Ok update, when installing windows 7 the install will hang and not do anything. Its done this multiple times now. Do I need to install SATA drivers? I didn't know drivers worked before windows itself was installed. Or could it be something else?
  7. Win 7 comes with SATA drivers...not like in XP. Most likely it's a configuration setting in the BIOS that isn't set right...

    Make sure you have the settings right for your hard drive or set it to AUTO...
  8. What options should I be looking for there's only a few in the bios for SATA and seems correct. I'll post what they are shortly
  9. Tried installing it again and this time it hanged on windows is finalizing your settings, so I switched the computer off and rebooted it and now its hanging on windows is starting. Gonna try installing windows to another hard drive to see if the problem lies with the SSD.
  10. Installed it on my other hard drive and it worked first time with no issues and all is running fine at the moment. Looks like the SSD is not working correctly. Could damaged sectors on the SSD cause this issue?
  11. No one ever had this problem?
  12. could you have the HDD set to AHCI mode? my windows cd didn't come with AHCI drivers for some reason (or i think thats why it says no drivers found when i pop in the install CD :))
  13. What does that do and what should I have it set to?
  14. I set it to ide mode but the install keeps hanging at installing updates part.
  15. :( is there a way to skip that bit? could you try burning a new cd
  16. It stopped expending files 20% this time. Its an OEM disk and it installed to my other normal sata drive fine so I think its the SSD. Are there's tools to test it?
  17. i think there are tools to test, uhm i know windows has a ChkDsk feature which basically checks all the sectors on the disk, im pretty sure they have a checking program on the manufacturers website.
  18. I can't seem to find any ( I'll try chkdsk in a second though if I can get it to show up in my computer
  19. I did it and it said "Some problems were found and fixed" If they were bad sectors it would not have been able to fix them so I doubt it was that.

    SSD life says the health of the SSD is excellent : /
  20. hrmmm, i think HDtune works on SSDs run a few of those tests :)
  21. Doing that now. Reading around some people are saying that you should use a program called secure erase between installs and one guy said his SSD hung on the install for 20 minutes then suddenly continued and finished so maybe I need to give it more time. Its just I thought that if it got past that part last time within a second then why does it need 20 minutes the next time...
  22. i honestly have no clue but if you got the time, sure try it out :)

    and the thing about secure erase... meh, i guess it cant hurt :P
  23. The quick check worked fine with no problems, however the program stops responding for the normal check :(
    It seems to be stopping in the same place too

    EDIT: It seems to have got past that part now, no errors at this point.
  24. hmmm, i suggest trying it again, the windows install... who knows maybe that ChkDsk fixed it :)
  25. Alright I will. No errors from the HDTune test BTW
  26. Stuck on installing updates again. I'll give it 30 mins then switch it off
  27. -.- atleast you get that far i am now having a problem with my windows cd that says it doesnt have the drivers i need, it also wont proceed so i can't finish installing my OS on my new 1TB spinpoint.... anywho, maybe try installing linux or something?
  28. You have the option to install the drivers before you load it, so you should be able to download them and install them before hand can't you? I might send my SSD back and get a different brand.
  29. yeah i tried that man, just wont work, ima have to get my hands on some new dvds and see if a reburn will work... and yeah i would RMA the drive also... just dont get the OCZ revo 3 ive heard tons of horror stories about it =/
  30. mouse24 said:
    yeah i tried that man, just wont work, ima have to get my hands on some new dvds and see if a reburn will work... and yeah i would RMA the drive also... just dont get the OCZ revo 3 ive heard tons of horror stories about it =/

    They asked me to update the firmware which was already at the lastest version so its not that. I'm thinking about getting the Crucial M4 128GB. People seem to recommend that one alot. Last night while I was trying again it failed so I plugged my other HDD with Win7 on it and it said the bootmanager was missing :/ Had to reinstall it on that drive as well. Its been a fun few days :pt1cable:
  31. Have you tried using this guide:

    Go through it step by step and very thouroughly.
  32. Link doesn't seem to work for me.
  33. Here try this one.

    I think the period at the end was messing it up.
  34. Just tested it and it worked this time.
  35. I know theres nothing wrong with my other PC parts because I'm using them now. I have Win7 installed on my 2TB WD black. Its just the SSD that Win7 won't install on.
  36. Yeah bro, just RMA it
  37. I am gonna, but because I'm working the times the seller is open I can only send one email to the seller a day so I hope they don't ask me to try loads of different things and drag out the process. Just want it over and done with now :S
  38. dang bro that sucks, just say its not working correctly and you want a replacement :P and hope they dont charge shipping (this is one of the reasons i prefer newegg, open 24/7)
  39. I don't mind too much about the few quid for shipping. I just hope they let me switch it to another brand, pref crucial M4
  40. hehe im real anal about shipping costs, idk why... my monitor was messed up a bit (the screens colors were way off) they wanted to charge me 15 bucks to ship it back -.- so i dealt with em through newegg and newegg sent me a shipping label free :)

    15 bucks for a $100 monitor that never worked right in the first place is stupid IMO

    good luck bro, tell me what happens
  41. I guess it is annoying but that's life I guess :S. Will let ya know dude, thanks for your help.
  42. Finally got a refund. TBH it went quite well, no issues with it. Probably gonna get a Crucial M4 unless anyone else has any recommendations?
  43. In the end I got the crucial M4 128GB and Windows 7 installed fine first time and is running well now.
  44. yay, grats man, i run diagnostics on my hdds just in case there is a bad sector somewhere so it doesn't mess stuff up down the line :)
  45. KK will do, again cheers for the help
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