Computer fans turn on power supply fans turn on but nothing else

When I turn on my computer nothing shows up on the screen. I can see that the PSU fan is spinning and so are the fans that came attached with my computer case with the blue LED lights lighting up. Other than that, nothing turns on, my 5770's fan doesn't spin either and neither does my CPU fan. Nothing shows up on screen and I'm freaking out about it. Is my motherboard or CPU fried?
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  1. CPU fan plugged into correct mobo header ?

    6 pin PCI-E cables plugged into GFX card ?

    8 pin EPS (or 4 pin ATX) cable plugged in up by CPU ?
  2. Yes everything is plugged in, I double checked a lot, I'm just afraid if I broke something
  3. But what happened, its a new pc? or you changed something? it can help to discover the problem, is the psu connected correctly?
  4. oh no i got it, i fixed it lol it was a stupid mistake but thanks A LOT for u guys replying back, i didnt think anyone would but thanks for trying =) i seriously appreciate it ^^
  5. And what was the solution? In case anyone comes across this thread with the same problem...
  6. IF you have a voltage tester then test the 12v plug near the CPU (two black & two yellow wires) you should get a 12v reading from the red test probe in the yellow cable, the black probe in the black cable and 5v from the red and black cables on the Molex connectors (for the IDE CD & HD plugs).
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