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I need help finding a 1950xpro AGP 256mb driver

Hello all. I need help finding a driver that was made for and manufactured for the raedon 1950xpro AGP 256mb driver for winxp 32bit. Any help would be much appreciated. I can't find one anyhwere! Not even on Raedons site. If someone sees it on Raedons site, or elsewhere, please let me know. Thanks. :sol:
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    What do you mean you can find them on AMD's site?

    On the homepage there is something called "Find A Driver" at the top right under "Support & Drivers". Make your selections and it will bring to the page where you can download the drivers.
  2. Right, but that is the point. When I put in the information, it proceeds to bring me to a page where it lists all of the compatible cards that the driver is for. There are about 20 cards on the list, and my card, the 1950xpro is nowhere to be found. Although there is a 1900 series, there is no 1950.
  3. The X1950 is a X1900 series card.

    You'll be fine. I'm sure the X1950 was not purposely excluded from the list.
  4. Also, if you look in the Release Notes PDF, it does specifically state the X1950 Series (page 3).

    -Wolf sends
  5. Awesome reply's guys. I'll be downloading the 1900 series. I appreciate the timely answers. Feel free to close this thread as solved. Thanks again.

  6. Also, sorry if my question/problem was kind of /facepalm, lol. Thanks again.
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